Discover how to FILL your marketing calendar with SPEAKING GIGS to grow your practice and leverage your time.

Are you ready to find out EXACTLY how to set up talks and get people to show up to your events [ whether you are the host or you’re the guest speaker]?

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Does this Sound familiar?

  • You’ve been told over and over that Speaking Gigs are a great way to bring in New Patients/Clients but you don’t know where to start?
  • You’re scratching your head where to set up talks. Although you enjoy giving talks or know the benefits of speaking, you’re just not sure where to give them.
  • You don’t have time to make calls or set these up. A proven system is great to set up talks, but you have absolutely no time to set them up.

If so you are in the right place!

I LOVE public speaking for growing a practice (or business) because it is the


  • Leverage your time! You can get your message out to many people (and close or get multiple leads in 1 hour)  at one time rather than 1 by 1 by 1 with meetings or vendor shows. So if you are in the business to sell or collect more leads and if you want leverage in your business than this is for you.
  • Create a huge ROI- with a very small marketing budget you can create a large revenue from speaking.



What’ s so great about this system is that you can literally hand it over to a 15 year old (like we did), your assistant, or front desk and have them set the talks up for you. How awesome is that? We teach you just how to we did that and how you can too.


We have included everything and I mean everything in this program. When I went to go make the calls the first time I wanted to get talks set up I thought to myself. “I need a speaker sheet, scripts so I know what I'm going to say, follow up emails if I get a maybe or the famous ‘can you send more information’ I need sign up sheets to send them and lunch order forms if I call about a lunch and learn and so much more"…it really became over whelming to the point where I was making excuses not to do it. But then I would recall and go back to that talk where we brought in 103 new clients and I just knew I had to keep going.  

 A done for you system on templates, scripts, blueprints, and accountability 

When I was trying to set up the talks I was wishing someone had put everything together, held my hand through the process, and had given me a blueprint and templates for getting it done. Actually, I went out and looked for it and couldn’t find it anywhere. AND to have a professional set up talks was going to be $350-$500 per talk.  We used them while I was putting our stuff together but really we were able to get them set up faster once our systems were in place and we were giving the talks to more of our target market where as the company that set them up was looking to get in anywhere.

You're about to get our ENTIRE, PROVEN system to Getting Speaking Gigs set up so you will have a steady stream of new patients!

“The Get Booked and Grow Your Practice ‘practice growing system”

Your practice grows when your community knows.

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One morning I woke up and realized I wanted to use speaking to grow my business.  But I didn’t know how to promote myself to get booked. That is until I found Deirdre and Dr. Becky’s program.  It’s an AMAZING course that explains who to contact, how to contact them, and what to say. It also taught me how to create promotional materials so I can get booked more easily and get people to show up!   They give you everything including templates and great scripts.  If you want to speak but don’t know how to get started, this is for you!

Lisa Copeland Empowering Strong Women to Attract Quality Men at www.findaqualityman.com

I’ve been through Deirdre’s and Becky’s program and it helped clear up so many questions I was having about getting booked. She helped me understand the expected ratio of people saying yes to booking me and how to handle the “I’d like more information”. And I now know how to follow up without feeling like a nuisance! 

Tabitha Moore Feminine Leadership Academy

  Here’s just a SAMPLING of what you’ll discover when you dig into this system:


 Module 1 and Module 2- Get Speaking Gigs on Your Marketing Calendar

  • Who to contact first to get talks set up the fastest. This is the fastest way to get talks set up and typically won’t cost you anything (unless you offer a lunch or snacks). There is no cold calling involved in this part.
  • The most ideal groups of people to speak to and the easiest to get into to. We made many calls to many groups of people of we found certain professions and certain groups where easier to get into than other AND we had a higher conversion rate with these people as well.
  • You will get the EXACT SCRIPTS for what to say to book speaking gigs from both warm and cold leads. These are the exact scripts Deirdre has used since 2008 to book both free and fee talks and what Dr. Becky has used to book 4-8 talks a month.

  • Get Talks Bonus: Our Secret Weapon for creating a list of places to call in minutes. One of the hardest steps I found when wanting to go out and speak was knowing who to call. I would google certain places, but it would literally take me hours or even an entire day in order to get a strong list of 50 places to call. Use this to create a list of your ideal target places to call in minutes. You will also get documents to help you make a plan, set goals and take action, all the scripts you will need to contacting different types of groups (warm or cold), a place to keep all of your different contacts organized.

*In this home-study course this piece is covered in two separate  modules (tapping into your warm leads and cold-call to rapidly grow your practice).

Module 3- Entice them to Book You for Speaking Gigs. Discover how to Get Booked Quickly as opposed to hearing a bunch of NO's and "I'll get back to you."

  • In order to get people to book you and show up your speaker sheet needs to be your sales sheet. Find out exactly how to write one (you will recieve templates).
  • Our seven step formula for creating a Speaker Sheet that will get you booked quickly and get people to show up. Without this you're likely to hear a lot of No's or "I'll get back to you" or worse a lot of crickets.
  • Examples of different talk titles and bullet points.

  • Entice Them Bonus: Entice them to show up- You can use this when creating a postcard, flyer or ad. I’ve used this formula whenever I do an ad or promotion (facebook ads too!) Our current Click Through Rate on FB is 2.28!! (A good CTR is 0.25-0.50). Do not waste your money on ads. If you’re going to do an ad you need to do it right or you are throwing $$ out the window.

Module 4 - Follow up is King:

How to follow up so you don’t lose a talk and so the event goes smoothly.

If you don’t already know, you will quickly learn in your practice how important follow up can be. The same goes when setting up talks. 

  • You will find out exactly how to follow up and what to do when you get "maybe," or "can you send more information" so you can turn that into a yes.
  • Do you ever worry about being seen as a nuisance? Learn our permission based follow up formula, so you can be persistent and turn that maybe into a yes.
  • Once you get a Yes, you need to know exactly what to do from what form to send them, what questions to ask, and what to bring to ensure everything goes smoothly.

 Follow Up Bonus: Our Pre-Event Interview form will ensure you hit a homerun each and every time you speak. Some of the templates in this module include:  A lunch order form, Follow-up and reminder e-mails, speaker checklist, sign-up sheet, a speaker sheet with talk points, and more.


Bonus Module- Free to Fee

Dream of being paid to Speak? Discover the three things Deirdre did to move from free to FEE. 



If in the first 14 days after signing up you REALLY decide it’s not for you … just let us know, we will delete your account and give you a 100% money back refund.

We are confident that when you utilize Get Booked and Grow Your Practice™ you’re going to be thrilled. We also know that if you follow the steps and do the work you will have a full marketing calendar.

YES! I am ready to fill my marketing calendar using speaking!

The Investment is $597!!!

If you are looking for a clear, proven system to rapidly grow your practice or business, I'm going to be blunt, you need this! The investment is $597 for the entire system. I can’t even believe I’m saying that when I think of how much time and money I wasted figuring this out for myself, but I want you to be able to by-pass all of that. So take advantage of this today, don’t let it be something you stew about only to wish you would have done it months ago, you know that feeling when you try to do it yourself only to realize the easy route would have been well easier?

For the investment of $597 I understand, in this home study course, I’m getting:

  • Get Booked and Grow Your Practice™ complete system for setting up talks. This will be covered in 4 downloadable MP3s and 1 BONUS MP3. (you can listen online on your computer or any mobile device, or you can download into your itunes).
  • Each module will come with Get Booked and Grow Your Practice™ templates. These templates include; Scripts, follow-up and reminder e-mails, a lunch order form, speaker checklist, sign-up sheet, a speaker sheet with talk points, accountability sheets, contact spreadsheets, and more.
  • Step-by-Step Blueprints. Whenever there is a point in the program where action is to be taken, you will have a proven step-by-step blueprint to ensure ease and follow through.


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Dr. Becky Perry and Deirdre VanNest