Discover how to FILL your marketing calendar with SPEAKING GIGS to grow your practice and leverage your time.

Are you ready to find out EXACTLY how to set up talks and get people to show up to your events
[ whether you are the host or you’re the guest speaker]?

The Get Booked phase includes:

  • Who to call and what to say to get booked quickly
  • What to send to potential venues that turns maybes into bookings
  • What to do before your talk so you hit a home run when you speak
  • The three things I did to go from giving free talks to giving paid talks – that  you can do, too

By the end of our program, you will have:

  • Booked yourself to give this talk
  • Your confidence as a speaker will skyrocket
  • As you get out there and speak you’ll have more time in your schedule – you won’t be bringing in clients one by one anymore
  • And you’ll make money faster, because you won’t have to chase people down to meet with you.